Boating holidays in a unique cultural landscape

The Havel River is sprinkled with magnificent castles and gardens, historic town centres, clusters of reeds along the banks and shores, wide lakes and romantic rivers. Enjoy a fascinating combination of boating, culture and urban holidays from a different vantage on the Potsdam and Brandenburg Havel Lakes.


Meet tumblers, dancers and storytellers from days of yore! Watch the knights at the historic 'Slavic Village' in Brandenburg an der Havel on 25–26 May.

Brandenburger Klostersommer

Enjoy the first-class Theatre Festival at Brandenburg's Pauli Cloister with the flower power musical 'Blumenkinder' and the 'wine, women and song' Bacchic performance.

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We celebrate 200 years of Fontane, the author who raved about our region in his 'Walks through the Mark Brandenburg'...

» in the Havelland:

» Brandenburg an der Havel:

» at Schwielowsee lake:


Weißes Fest

Elegant picnic dressed entirely in white with a view of Schwielowsee Lake and stylish live music in all three parts of town.

'Backofenfest' in Emstal

The traditional Baking Festival with the tantalizing aroma of fresh clay oven-baked bread and a bread ball race to kick off the event, 14 June.


Artistic interventions at Caputh Palace, exhibition by contemporary artists marking the 20th anniversary of the palace's restoration from 5 May – 31 October.

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